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That's right, you can have high level performance without feeling like a dumpster fire.

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"Rebel Performance's programming led me to become a positional beast! They made it simple, own your body and how it organizes/utilizes breathing, pressure, tension and give every drop of effort to the task at hand. It was like a fucking magic wand, poof and all of my numbers began increasing. I’m 31 years old and weigh 169 lbs. Prior to the compound performance mentorship my TBDL 1RM was 450 lbs, my squat 1RM was 315 and my 1RM bench press was 205. Thanks to Kyle and Matt’s help my deadlift finished at 505lbs (55lb jump) my squat 400lbs (75lb jump) and my bench press 245 (40 lb jump). Crazy stuff. The craziest part though, soccer games came and went and my knees felt great! Not ok, GREAT! "

Zito Corte-Real
Director of Strength and Conditioning, Goal Physiotherapy and Sports Performance

"Rebel Performance's training programs transformed my training. I got stronger than ever while, get this, leaning out, increasing my conditioning, and avoiding injury. Rebel Performance led me to a state record deadlift, winning best lifter at a State Championship powerlifting meet, winning multiple strongman competitions, and winning the open division of the Tactical Strength Challenge. "

Ryan Patrick
Owner, Peak Fitness and Sports Training

"Training with James has been one of the best experiences of my life. Despite being swamped with work and school, this has been the most consistent and happy I’ve ever been with training. Coming from strongman, I was looking for someone who could help me get stronger while developing the athleticism and conditioning necessary for all the crazy events. James has delivered in a big way. The coaching is awesome and every week I am excited to show up and crush it. This is by far the strongest and fastest I have ever been, and I am grateful for James for helping me grow into a more confident and well-rounded athlete."

Marcella Trevisan
Coach, NY Strong

"Following this program has been invaluable for me. I've become more efficient with my time in the gym, and now better understand 'movement pre.' That aside, I'm hitting numbers in my lifts that I haven't touched in years."

Michael Autore
Coach, Motiv PT

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