The Squad

Learn a little about the savages behind the magic.  Oh, and you should steal our best training day templates if you want to be a strong, jacked, powerful and well-conditioned athlete.

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James Cerbie

Founder and Head Coach

Part nerd.  Part meathead.  Can be found studying cell physiology, lifting in his garage, or roaming in the mountains.

The Rest Of The Crew

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Dr. Pat Davidson

Renaissance meathead and author of MASS and MASS 2.

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Dr. Ben House

Lives in the jungle pondering how to makes humans mo' bigger.

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Andrew Triana

World champion of vibing and author of Alactic Super Star and Glycolytic Bulls.

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Dr. Michelle Boland

Contrary to popular opinion, likes to lift heavy things.  She is the author of Divergence and Trifecta.

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Lance Goyke

Shares a mutual love for DBZ with James.  Author of The Pyramid Method.

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Ryan L'Ecuyer

Doesn't want to be able to walk through doors.  Author of Certified Meat Titan.

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Steve Tripp

Brings a much needed A+ beard game to table.  Author of Meat Castle and Brick Shit House.

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Dean Guedo

Brings noise from the great white north with an exceptional Spider Man tattoo.  Author of Venom.