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The Athlete Manual



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What does it take to be an athletic monster?

Is it strength, is it speed, is it power, is it conditioning, or is it looking like the hulk?

The reality is that it’s a combination of all the above and more.

Now, do you think you have all of those things? Are you as strong as you want to be, as fast as you want to be, as powerful as you want to be, as conditioned as you want to be and as jacked as you want to be?

If you’re anything like most athletes the answer is no. Once we reach a bar we immediately set another bar even higher than the first and begin chasing after it. While most people avoid the uncomfortable, we go out of our way to find it. We search for those deep, dark corners that most people would never imagine going to because we’ll come out the other side better for it.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself for 16 weeks and become bigger, stronger, better conditioned and more powerful than you could have ever imagined, then hop on board and get ready to work.

What You Get

  • A 16 week training program designed for the strength biased, hybrid athlete
  • A comprehensive exercise database
  • A short ebook walking you through the concept of stress and adaptation

*Please note that this program is not appropriate for competitive team and field sport athletes.  While certain methods utilized in this program can certainly be beneficial for them, the program as a whole is not written for that purpose.  It is written with a heavy strength bias, and the assumption that the user is looking to get stronger, pack on muscle and increase power output while maintaining his or her overall athleticism.

If you have further questions about whether or not this program is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at