Judgement Day Has Arrived


My name is Dr. Pat Davidson and I would like to welcome you to MASS 2.

MASS was my way of telling the world that I think it's filled with people who need to be slapped in the face.  You think you've worked hard?  You haven't done shit.  You don't need a fancy program.  You need to try hard.  You need to learn how to grind.  You need to shut up, stop thinking, and push...day, after day, after day, after day.  You think getting punched in the face sucks?  It does...but what really sucks is getting punched in the face day, after day, after day, after day.  But if you literally just show up today and accept your fate, and you come back again tomorrow, and the next day, believe it or not, you will change...significantly.

MASS was a gut check.  MASS gave you an acquired taste for shit.  Unless you like the way shit tastes, you haven't really trained.  You've earned MASS 2.  MASS was all about thinning the herd.  MASS 2 is about optimization. MASS 2 will make you have video game numbers in your lifts.


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Who are we

Allow us a minute to properly introduce ourselves and tell you why you should believe in us and this program.


Dr. Pat Davidson

I have a PhD in Exercise Physiology. I have worked as a professor of Exercise Science at Brooklyn College and Springfield College. I have coached the athletes from Springfield College Team Ironsports. I have competed in Strongman and qualified and competed in two world championships at the Arnold Classic. I have competed in submission wrestling at the highest level in the North American Grappling Association. I have fought professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. I have trained for a long time. I have made weight in weight class sports for a long time. I have studied the workings of the body and lived the science to the best of my ability for a long time. I have been lurking in the shadows, learning and training, not putting my information out for public consumption for a long time.

If you are an elite strength coach, you probably know who I am. If you are an elite strongman athlete, you probably know who I am. If you are a regular Joe who is a weekend warrior, or a gym bro, you probably do not know who I am. This is how I meant to keep things. Now I am changing and permitting the 99% to have a glimpse at what the 1% does.

Perhaps I can unveil more members of the 1% by putting this information out there for the masses. I doubt there are many of you out there, but if you exist, I’ll know it because I'll feel the ground shake when you lift and witness the destruction you've left in your path, and I'll hear the rumors of monsters lurking in the jungle.


Dr. Ben House

My name is Ben House. I live in the Jungle, and my business is building monsters. I was a chubby Midwestern 8th grader who fell hard for the barbell and still falls hard for it Every. Single. Day. The iron taught me how to struggle, it taught me about the inevitability of failure and the rage inside of all of us that keeps running full speed into that wall. I am a meathead who got into medical school without an undergraduate degree and made his way into a PhD program with a less than 0.1% acceptance rate. To be honest, I am far more stubborn than smart. Graduate school taught me how to learn, the most valuable lesson I have every received. Yet, every morning a part of me wanted to quit to coach men and women like you.

A decade later, I get to marry both worlds, science and coaching. I get to ask my own questions and attempt to run through every wall I can find. In my time in the industry, I have worked with thousands of humans, high schoolers, collegiate athletes, professionals, mothers, fathers, coaches, and CEOs. As much as we want to be special, we are not. I am not. We all forget to brush our teeth in the morning and we all struggle with the same shit. Thriving on Judgement Day is a way to cut through the noise, to individually focus on what will get you the results you are so ravenous for. I could care less if you buy this book. I could care less if you get through MASS 2. But, when you do get through this program, and you stand up from that last squat, you won’t need to look to Pat or I for approval – you will have it earned yourself.

If you are going to buy this program, go all the way. Don’t pussyfoot around the edge or pick and choose what you like. The only reason you don’t answer the bell is if you can’t stand up or you can’t see. This program isn’t about what you like or how much you lift on any one day. It is about you wrapping your callused hands around the barbell and punching the clock. 64 workouts later you will be stronger, you will lift more weight, but more than that, you will have forged the stubbornness and resiliency to run through any wall that stands in your way.

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"I finished reading MASS II last night at 12:30am May 2017.  After finishing the book, I sat back and stared at my screen for minutes and just soaked it all in.  After sleeping on the information given in this book, I am in disbelief.  I know how much time it took Dr. Pat to learn this content and come up with these amazing analogies.  And can't believe he's giving it all to you in one book.  This book gets DEEP...Dr. Pat brings you into his life to moments you can't even imagine and leaves you with this:  some people were born with pocket aces, while others have mismatched 4s and 8s.  You were dealt a hand that you can't change; however, you do get to play your hand.  How you choose to play your hand matters." Teo Ledesma, Head Coach at Crossfit Central

The Goal

MASS 2 is a masterpiece training program. By the time you're done with this program, you'll probably be warming up with your previous one rep max weights. If you're willing to dedicate 16 weeks of your life to following exactly what this program calls for, everything about you will be completely changed, and you'll know what real training looks, feels, and tastes like.

MASS 2 features a concurrent training model in the first three phases of the program, and finishes with a concentrated strength block in the fourth and final phase. The first three phases are organized so that they build off each other in a sequential manner to prepare you to peak in the final phase. Those who jump into this training model will work hard, be pushed to their limits, and will ultimately be rewarded with progress that most would consider to be impossible.

Mass 2 is the most fun I’ve ever had in the gym. That being said, if you want to have fun with Mass 2, you better earn it by completing Mass. To enjoy Mass 2 and work it to is full potential, you have to enjoy working hard, busting your ass, and leaving it all on the gym floor. Mass 2 not only gives you a scientifically supoorted, gold standard lifting program, it also provides everything that matters in this picture. Nutrition plan, lifestyle goals, an all inclusive tracking sheet, and oh yea, a monster of a book explanining the reasoning behind this 4 block masterpiece Davidson, House and Cerbie bring to the boom, and you owe it to yourself to step into their world. This is a no-brainer. Have at it.
— Gerard Friendman, MS, ATC,

What Does MASS II Include

MASS phase 1.png

PHASE 1     $100 Value

Phase one will rock you immediately on day one with the brass knuckles wake up call known as the 30/30 workout, made famous in the original MASS. Phase one, just like phase two and three will feature four different training days a week, where the days develop specific fitness qualities that blend together in a way that amplify the magnitude of positive physical adaptations in a scientifically sound approach. Along with the death punch 30/30 workout, you'll also be developing eccentric strength, and the ability to repeat force production over higher rep ranges in the first phase. If you can handle phase one you'll be good to go for the rest of the journey.

MASS phase 2.png

PHASE 2     $100 Value

Phase two is slightly heavier than phase one, with a little less volume. The number of exercises you'll be doing in phase two is fewer than the highly variable phase one, as we start to hone in on developing the big lifts more and more. You'll also be shifting from an eccentric strength focus to an isometric orientation here. Phase two is where numbers start to explode on people going through this program, and the changes that take place in ability level from week to week are sometimes startling, even for experienced lifters who have been on a plateau for a while.

PHASE 3     $100 Value

Phase three requires guts, determination, and resiliency. Featuring training sessions that take you to the outer edges of what's possible, phase three is a test of heart and will that ultimately will prepare you to realize all of your effort in the final block. With perhaps the only other workout that can take you to those same beautifully dark places as the 30/30, phase three hands you the shovel and gives you permission to dig your own grave as deep as you want. The lower you climb down into the pit, the greater your potential to be reborn in the aftermath. Phase three isn't for everyone. Some people will wimp out on some of these days, but if you suck it up and stick it out, you'll understand how much reward is given to the gritty dirt dogs who aren't afraid to grind.

MASS phase 4.png

PHASE 4     $100 Value

Phase four features the peaking block that the Springfield College Team Ironsports athletes used as the final training block prior to national and world championship strongman contests. I've routinely seen this phase take 400 pound deadlifters and turn them into 500 pound pullers, and to take mid 500 pullers into the six bills club. There's a reason that so many Ironsports athletes have gone on to be freaks at the international level of strength athletics...we worked harder than anyone else and didn't get hurt. Most people have no idea how to peak for something. If you jump on the crazy train that is phase four and let it do its magic, I guarantee you that you'll destroy every previous PR you ever had, and you'll probably walk away shaking your head in disbelief that you've been training as long as you have without getting the kinds of results that these past 16 weeks have given you.


Thriving on Judgement Day Manual by Dr. Ben House

$150 Value

MASS 2 is an operating system more than a program, and my job is to make it as clear, efficient, and effective as possible.  In MASS, I was trying to mitigate the damage, to increase the chances of completion, survival, and thus adaptation.  MASS 2 is different.  There is more flexibility on my side of the ball, and that means I get to play a little bit more and I am jacked up about it.

My goal is to fly over the forest with a helicopter, find the parts of the ecosystem that aren't thriving and then take samples of the vegetation, the soil, and the water and figure out the problem before it threatens the entire organism.  I have consulted with 100's, probably 1000's, of athletes, most just like you.  What I lay out in this manual are the ten most common aspects that threaten your capacity to progress.  To adapt.  To thrive on Judgement Day (and yes...you will be getting meal plans).



60 day moneyback.png

The total value of MASS II comes in at $550, and just to put this in perspective: if you were to come to New York to train with Pat one on one, you'd be spending upwards of $200/hour, and if you were to work with Ben one on one, you'd be spending upwards of $400.

In other words, we are giving you the answers to the test at an 85% discount because we want more people to have a glimpse at how the 1% really trains and lives in hopes that a few brave souls join us at the top.

Ultimately, this program has been turning mere mortals in monsters and I'm 100% confident that it can do the same for you.  Thus, I'm going to give you a no-questions-asked 60 day money back guarantee on your purchase.  If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy, let me know and I'll refund your purchase in full.  Plus, you'll just be leaving more room in the 1% for the rest of us.

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"This is the most complete program that I have come across in 10+ years in the industry!  Pat and Ben have gone out of their way to bring you all the tools to increase both your performance output and your lifestyle coherence, I can't recommend MASS2 high enough!" -Kyle Dobbs, Bossman at Compound Performance

Have Questions?

At the end of the day, I'm not a salesman.  I'm a coach, I'm an athlete, and I'm incredibly passionate about manipulating the human system to create monsters.  If you're currently on the fence about whether or not you want to enter the beast, then I want to make sure you are 100% confident in the purchase you are about to make, so feel free to email us at james@rebel-performance.com with any questions you have.


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