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"I was frustrated with the lack of direction with my team and knew that it all started with me taking ownership of our shortcomings. Kyle has done a tremendous job of orchestrating a plan that helps not only me to be able to connect with my team and lead them more efficiently, but it has left my team interacting with one another more efficiently as well. If you need an effective business coach without all the nonsense that you will typically get from other fitness business coaches, then you owe it to yourself & your team to get in touch with Kyle."

Mike Coval
Owner, Coval Performance

"I was truly blessed to have had Kyle as my first mentor. His endless support and guidance helped me to create a six figure business in less than a year. But more importantly I found an amazing human being. He is not only greatly respected for his wealth of knowledge but for his sincerity and strong values. He lives what he teaches and only wants the best for you. "

Sahmura Gonzalez

"One of the better investments I've made. Kyle and Matt put together something for anyone looking to gain a step forward with their business; be it a brand new trainer or someone with an established company, there was something for everyone. The group dynamic added an element of external accountability that was helpful as well, on top of the assistance you get from the two of them. Training concepts were made clear, business models were explored and the main limitations I could see only came from the level of your own participation. I feel much more confident in how I am taking on 2020 with my clients and business."

Jaroslaw Rybak
Coach, Body Time Project


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Individualized Business Planning

Systems Development

Marketing Strategies 

Alternative Revenue Stream Development

Training Model Development

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Business Planning

Systems Development

Marketing Strategies

Community and Networking

Training Model Development

Weekly Group Calls and Community Forum

3 Month Program 

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Leadership Training

Culture and Communication Refinement

Staff Education and Development

Operations and Systems Development

Service and Training Model Development

Marketing Alignment and Cohesion

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