The coaching you need to explode your strength, physique, athleticism, and endurance while feeling better than ever before

Team-Based Coaching

How to explode your strength, athleticism and endurance in 12 weeks

The Apex Athlete Training Team is a proven step-by-step system to look like Thor and perform like a middle linebacker in 12 weeks without having to spend 1 second planning your own training.

If you thrive in a team based, competitive environment and enjoy having a coach their to guide you every step of the way, this is the program for you.

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1:1 Coaching

Let Our Expert Staff of Coaches Assess and Design Your Perfect Program so You Can Become Life Proof.

Life Proof Athlete Coaching is a private remote coaching program that gives you the individualization, accountability, and coaching you need to finally get out of your own way and blow your goals out of the water.

  • Unique Athlete Archetype - You choose the athlete archetype that pairs you with the perfect coach.
  • Goals Intake Call - You have a live video intake call to meet your coach and get crystal clear on your goals.
  • Movement and Physiological Assessment - You go through our comprehensive athlete assessment process so your coach fully understands how you move and your underlying physiology.
  • 100% Individualized Program - You get a 100% individualized program with weekly program management to ensure you are always on track to smash your goals.
  • Open Door Coaching - Your coach comes with an open door policy so you can stay in touch with your coach and get questions answered fast.
  • Community Support - You join a supportive community of athletes and coaches ready to put in the work and improve together.

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