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Flywheel Training For Elite Levels of Strength and Performance

May 17, 2020

Learn how to add pounds to your lifts, get more jacked, and stay injury free by utilizing flywheel training from an elite lifter who knows a thing or two about being strong. 

When talking Flywheel training / inertia training for strength and power athletes.  I am going to predominantly stick to overload methods for strength training, intense hypertrophy phases, and overload methods for getting faster. 

To start to understand what inertia training is you have to understand that the flywheel only resists to the point of the effort that you make. So if you go really hard the flywheel is going to resist equally as hard. If you go really easy. The flywheel is going to resist very easily. So it's basically the perfect spotter with every single rep adjusting with the intensity or power that you put into the flywheel. Not only does it change from person to person and situation to situation it changes from rep to rep. So as you get fatigued within the set you will output less...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 30: Ryan Horn

May 11, 2020

Ryan Horn, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Wake Forest, joins the show today to talk about his 14 years in the business, training and developing athletes, coach-athlete relationships, lessons and principles, in-season training, fatigue management, and creating a prescription for each athlete you work with.

Ryan first caught the iron bug at a young age, lifting weights with his older brother in the garage. He quickly immersed himself into the preparation aspect of sports performance, coaching his teammates throughout highschool and educating himself in the field. Currently, Ryan oversees the development of basketball at Wake Forest, which is the result of taking any and all opportunities as they came to him, garnering a broad array of experience along the way. Ryan believes that coaching so many different types of athletes over the years has allowed him to have more range and creativity within his current role.

We dive in discussing the unique demands of basketball and the typical...

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The Post Covid-19 Comeback: Your Ultimate 3 Step Guide

May 10, 2020

Avoid the temptation of rushing your return to past PR's. Use these 3 strategies to get back to training like your former self and beyond!

Chaos and dysregulation.  This has been the current state of training due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For the past 8 weeks training endeavors have been defined by social isolation, restricted opportunities, and the inability to confidently pursue goals.  This has left us with unmatched levels of uncertainty and brought pain into our lives.  How we interact with this pain will impact how we come out of this pandemic.  We can fold or we can triumph.   

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

My intentions with his article, much like my career as a physical therapist is to help mount a successful comeback and provide the practical strategies needed to return to a high level of training.  

We were dealt a hand that we have had no control over and we have...

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Filtering Framework: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

May 03, 2020

Develop and fine tune your systems in a step by step process so that you can discern new information, apply what is useful, and transcend your coaching.


You go to several seminars and conferences each year, but you find it difficult to utilize the information in any meaningful or useful way. 

"This information is great! BUT how do I use it?"

Building bridges, between new information and with your currently held knowledge and beliefs in a specified context, is when that information truly becomes useful. This is also where most people fail. 

A bridge can’t be constructed unless there are two sides. On one side, you have new information coming in, waiting to be organized, and used. On the other side, you need to structure your current knowledge and experience into simple systems.


Systems? Yes. 

Systems provide a foundational structure to be able to add or subtract from, when new information is presented. There is a vast world of...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 28: Dr. Mike Israetel

Apr 27, 2020

Dr Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization joins the show today to talk about his background in training, why he gravitated towards sports science, and what really grinds his gears with some of the internet gurus.

We dive into Mike’s background and specifically how he became obsessed with trying to answer the why behind the process of training. Mike started lifting weights at 15 to get better at wrestling and improve his physique, but it wasn’t until he started competing in powerlifting that he became more calculated with his training, education, and line of thinking. This led to Mike’s pursuit of higher levels of knowledge and eventually earning his PhD in Sport Physiology. 

Mike’s dissertation for his PhD was looking into the correlates of athletic performance, or what made great athletes great and everyone else, well, everyone else. Using a sample of 90 collegiate athletes, Mike looked at maximum strength, limb ratios, body fat levels, body...

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Get Ready To Get Jacked: 3 Ways to Dominate During Quarantine

Apr 26, 2020

If you're limited in loading options, right now is the time to fill in the gaps for more intense training in the future. Learn what deficiencies you can address so that you can unleash your version 2.0 once you return to the gym.

By Jesse McMeekin, CSCS

Let’s put positivity aside for a moment and acknowledge that this sucks. Most of us are stuck at home without a barbell, without a squat rack, trying to figure out if we can do bicep curls with the dog. It’s even worse if you were making progress; overnight the promise of a new PR simply vanished. Your gym doors are locked, and for once the squat rack is open!

That’s the bad news, and there’s really not much we can do about it. What we can do is refocus our efforts. 

I see two primary training goals dominating the landscape, at least for the foreseeable future. Put simply, they are:

  • Maintaining gains
  • Preparing for a return to the gym

Maintaining muscle mass isn’t as hard as it may...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 27: DJ Murakami

Apr 20, 2020

DJ Murakami joins the show today to talk about all things movement, the necessity of intention, and getting away from some of the dogma that exists in strength and conditioning. 

We start with DJ’s background and how he first fell in love with training like most of us have - he simply enjoyed it more than the sports he was training for - and has been coaching people for over 10 years. Self admittedly, he has dabbled in just about every realm of physical training - ranging from bodybuilding to olympic weightlifting to calisthenics to the movement culture and mobility driven side of the training world and everything in between. DJ currently finds himself on a quest to get jacked, continue to explore training, and stay injury free.

We go into discussing DJ’s evolution as a coach and how he’s learned to use principles over systems both in his own training and working with clients. Early on in his training career, DJ held many rigid beliefs and was very externally...

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Drop The Excuses and Build Your Aerobic Base

Apr 19, 2020

It's time to put the excuses aside and start developing your aerobic system. With less available options (and likely more time), you have the opportunity to build your aerobic base now in order to express higher levels of output later. 

By Matt Ferrara, BS, CSCS

Now, more than ever, is the time to work on developing a base level of aerobic fitness.

With so many lifters without a gym or stuck at home without equipment due to Covid-19, one of the biggest bang for your buck training goals to chase right now is a base level of aerobic fitness.

No, I’m not saying you need to build the aerobic system of a marathon runner. That amount of specialization and training volume spent on the aerobic system will most likely hamper the strength and muscle mass gains that I know you are after.

What I am saying is that taking a month or so to develop an aerobic base right now will have drastic benefits for your training, body composition, and overall health when you get back...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 26: Will Crozier

Apr 13, 2020

Will Crozier, world’s strongest respiration nerd, joins the show today to discuss all things getting strong. From the importance of maximizing muscle in your weight class to looking outside the traditional powerlifting realm to break through training plateaus, Will offers a unique perspective and whether you’re a powerlifter or not, this episode is a must listen.

Will found the gym in a traditional way around 11 years ago, dabbling with his buddies from work and quickly took a liking to it. His initial foray into “real training” was through bodybuilding. However, within a few years he quickly found that he really liked lifting heavy (and disliked dieting), which led to his discovery of powerlifting. Due to having a solid base of muscle mass to begin with, Will took to powerlifting very quickly - breaking the Australian record for the deadlift in his weight class at the time in his very first meet - and realized it was his calling. Now as an elite level...

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Static Stretching is Dead: There's a Better Way to Build Resilience and Improve Performance

Apr 12, 2020

Static stretching has long been a part of training culture, but perhaps without enough investigation on it's efficacy. Read on as to why your time may be better spent elsewhere in seeking to build more resilient high performance athletes. 

By Ryan VanNieuwenhuyze

For years, it has been common thought that athletes and lifters of all kinds must stretch before training or competition, not only to improve performance, but for the sake of injury prevention as well. This line of thinking has been espoused by coaches, physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and many other qualified professionals. The implementation of static stretching before training has become so pervasive in the athletic and lifting cultures, that it is something that is hardly even questioned. But, should this be the case?

Injury Prevention or Risk Reduction?

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the notion of “injury prevention.” Unfortunately, you can never...

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