Train Like An Athlete: 4 Weeks To Increased Athletic Muscle and Performance

What does it take to be a top-level athlete? How do elite athletes train? As a performance coach, these are questions I’m frequently asked, and, unfortunately, there isn’t one catch-all answer. Rather, the answer is a frustrating one: It depends. Each athlete is different, and the demands of each sport are different. What a soccer player requires to qualify as elite is not what it takes for an American football player to be elite. Even within the same sport, there are varying standards depending on the position. A midfielder needs to run more than a defender, thus, the midfielder must have a greater aerobic capacity and endurance to play at a high level.

Most non-athletes are quick to jump into programs without fully understanding what they want to accomplish. So before starting a new training program, ask yourself:

How is my current alignment and movement potential?

What are my performance goals?

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