5 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Sprinting

"Sprinting is laced into our DNA. It’s part of who we are as a species and represents one of our most primal instincts. Unfortunately, sprinting has fallen off the radar for most people because it’s no longer a requirement for survival. We don’t have to chase down our food or flee from predators on foot. Thus, it tends to take a backseat for everyone but competitive athletes.

While you no longer need to sprint for daily survival -- and though it’s physically taxing to perform -- sprinting doesn’t have to be reserved solely for athletes. Everyone can and should sprint because it’s one of the most powerful adaptive tools we have. Our physiology responds exceptionally well to sprints. When structured properly, sprinting builds muscular strength and power, improves the health of bones and joints, drives metabolism and fat loss, increases oxidative capacity and boosts brainpower."

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10 Must Do's To Stay Athletic

What does it mean to be an athlete? Sure, there’s getting all the girls of course.

Kidding…kidding…we all know there’s more to it than that.

So what is it?

The thrill of winning, the rush of competing, the butterflies before a game, the anticipation of a daunting challenge, the brotherhood (could be sisterhood but I’m speaking from my own experience), the pain of defeat, the constant drive towards perfection…it’s hard to say.

Being an athlete, to me at least, encompasses all of those things and more.  It’s truly a way of life, and hard to rid yourself of once you’re so called playing days are over.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t seem to recognize this.  Once you leave college or professional sports, you’re thrust into a world that almost looks down on being an athlete.  They’ll just tell you:  “Oh, you had your chance.  Your playing days are over.  It’s time to hang up the cleats and begin your slow decline into decrepitude.”

Whew, doesn’t that sound fun?

It truly pains me to see this happen, and I see it happen a lot—people who were once exceptional athletes who have fallen off the tracks, and are now mere shadows of what they used to be (it honestly reminds me of animals locked up in captivity, but the animal is you and captivity is being locked behind a desk all day).

Don’t get me wrong.  The chances of you being able to maintain your fitness level from college, pro’s etc. is highly unlikely.   This is merely due to the fact that it’s no longer your major commitment.  You have a job, perhaps a significant other, and a life to live.  You just don’t have 20 plus hours a week to commit to training, practice and the sorts.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay athletic…so here are 10 must do’s if you hope to avoid turning into a desk slob.

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