Intense Jumping: Are Powermetrics for You?

When is the last time you jumped?

Not a light hop to grab a basketball while shooting hoops with friends, but really jumping — pushing a large amount of force into the ground very quickly and flying into the air.

If you play a sport, you’ve probably jumped recently. If not, it’s probably been a while. And that’s OK. It’s not exactly socially acceptable to jump onto a dinner table out of the blue. The point is that most people quit jumping once they stop playing a sport.

For some people that’s a good decision. Maybe their joints are so worn out that jumping will only cause pain. For others, however, jumping is a legitimate strength-building option that can provide cardiovascular and performance benefits when executed correctly and safely.”

That’s a quick snippet from my most recent article over at Livestrong.  I talk all things jumping and layout why you should consider powermetrics to help you stay athletic, so be sure to check it out:

Why You Should Be Doing Powermetrics

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