Building a Kitchen for Nutrition Success: 5 Must Have Appliances


Let me ask you a question. You’re looking to build a house, and already have the design prepared.  It’s going to be a beautiful house--the design is spotless, and it’ll make the house of your dreams.

You are, unsurprisingly, excited to get started, but when you show up to start construction on day 1 you realize you have no materials, tools etc. etc.

Can you build the house?

Unless you have Jedi mind tricks (and if you do please teach me), the house ins’t going to be built.

You can think of a diet in the same way.  People get so excited to try a new “style” of eating because it’ll help them achieve the body and life they’ve always wanted, but without the right tools you’re fighting a losing battle.  You have to set yourself up for success, and that starts in the kitchen.

Having a well stocked kitchen is a key component to a successful diet because it allows you to put your plan to work.

Below are 5 gadgets, tools, or really whatever you want to call them, that I see as being a must have for the health conscious eater.

Nutri Bullet


I don’t know about you, but trying to get in full meals every 2-3 hours isn’t only expensive, it’s a major pain in the ass.  In particular, I have a hard time getting in enough good vegetables and fruit just because I don’t have the time to be cooking side dishes for 5 meals.  For that reason, having the ability to make smoothies or supershakes in a snap is a must, and the Nutri Bullet is my go to.

I’ve always been a blender person, but my mom (she’s a sweetheart) got me one of these this past Christmas and the blender has now been packed away for storage.

This little guy is was way more convenient, and makes it super easy to make shakes on the go.  Just pile the ingredients in the cup, mix in a little liquid of your choice (almond milk is always a great option), press down and hold for about 15-20 seconds, and you’re good to go.  Pop the container off the “blender,” screw on a to go cap, and you have a meal or great side item at  your finger tips.

Here’s my usual recipe (it serves as my “side” item for my meal at 4 pm):

2-3 enormous handfuls of spinach

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup organic whole milk (use water to get desired consistency)

9 almonds

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

I personally don’t mind the taste, but this may be a little bland for most.  Feel free to throw in some stevia, honey or other natural sweetener if you’d like.  Also, if this is going to serve as a full meal I’d add two scoops of a good protein powder.  I personally like this and this on the protein front.

All in all, this is probably my number 1 recommendation for kitchen appliances because it makes it too easy for people to get in quality vegetables and fruit throughout the day.

EatSmart Kitchen Scale


Being able to weigh your food (in particular your meat) is really important, especially if you’re looking to gain weight or lose weight.  More than anything, it gives me piece of mind to know I’m getting in exactly what I need at each meal.

When I guess, I often end up worrying about quantity and if I’m getting enough of x, y or z, so knowing for sure helps put my mind to ease.

Furthermore, many people have a bad feel for what is what when it comes to how much food they eat.  Ask anybody trying to gain weight and their first response will always be:  “Dude, you don’t understand.  I eat soooo much food.”  Well usually that isn’t the case at all.  They feel like they’re eating a lot of food, but in reality their macro intakes are way off.

For this reason, I usually recommend the EatSmart Kitchen Scale.  It makes measuring food a quick and painless process.  Not only that it’s pretty cheap at $20 and easy to clean.

Ultimately, the scale doesn’t lie and it’s a great option for people with more serious nutrition and/or body recomposition goals.

Pyrex Glass Tupperware


For the longest time I used plastic tupperware, and felt like I was giving myself cancer whenever I had to heat up food in it.

Well no more.  I bought a set of Pyrex Glass Tupperware a few weeks back and absolutely love it.

Besides the whole cancer piece, I use tupperware for pre-making all my meals.  If you’ve read any of my stuff, you’ll know I like to do all my cooking on one or two days of the week (usually Sunday and Thursday), and then transfer all that food into meal ready tupperware containers.

I personally like doing it that way because I’m not a fan of cooking or putting together anything in the morning or when I get home from work.  I’d much rather just open the fridge and pull out a ready made meal.

Crock Pot


Okay…I may have lied earlier when I said the Nutri Bullet was my number 1 appliance recommendation.  In all honesty, we’re probably looking at a dead tie for first between that and the Crock Pot.

To be blunt, the Crock Pot  is a life saver.  It helps me make meals usually once a week, and makes my life way easier.  I’ll buy a big roast (it does a great job with pulled pork also), throw in a bunch of veggies and potatoes, put the timer on 10 hours, go to bed, and then wake up with enough food for 3 days (#win).

Does it get any better than that?  I dare to say it doesn’t.

Food Processor


I’m all about trying to save time in the kitchen, and the Food Processor helps make that happen.

Whether it’s cutting up veggies, preparing dips, or making pesto, it does a good job of expediting the process.

Also, another major bonus is that with a good food processor you can make your own almond meal.  Not only does this save you a lot of money (buying almonds in bulk is way cheaper than buying almond meal), it gives you a great substitute for flower in a bunch of recipes.

For example, here’s one of my all time favorite pancake recipes:

Mash up 1 banana in a bowl

Add two eggs, 1/2 cup of almond meal, 1/2 cup of blueberries (or other berry of choice), a little cinnamon and stir until you get a good consistency.

Coat a griddle in a little coconut oil, and then cook away.

I’d also recommend cooking three eggs over easy to place on top of the pancakes.  It’s really delicious when they soak up the yoke.

What other kitchen essentials aren't on the list?  Let us know in the comments below.