We're Having a Holiday Giveaway!

Here at Rebel Performance we tend to be rather obsessed with human performance (and superheroes).

While we don't expect you to be as obsessive about this stuff as we are, we know you care because you're here right now--reading this in the hopes of finding actionable information you can use to get better.


Which is one of the best parts about what we do:  we get to help people on a daily basis find answers to questions that help them live their dream life.  Those questions often include things like:

How do I get bigger?

How do I get stronger?

How do I look like a superhero?

How do I build a conditioning base specific to the needs and demands of                      ?

How much volume do I need to get                        adaptation?

What about Intensity?  How do I balance that with the demands of volume?

How does adaptation happen?

What about behavior change?  How do I change my behavior, or the behavior of those around me, to live better lives?

What are the effects of stress on the entire system?  What does a stress response look like?  Will stress outside of training impact the adaptation reserves someone has to work with?

While these represent an incredibly small fraction of questions we encounter on a daily basis, we want to give you answers to all of them.

So we put our heads together and came up with 4 resources that we view as absolutely essential in your journey for optimized human performance:

1.  Science and Practice of Strength Training:  pretty much everything you need to know about strength training

2.  Ultimate MMA Conditioning:  the best conditioning book on the market

3.  Switch:  How to Make Change When Change is Hard:  your guide to behavior change

4.  Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers:  this will be the most important book you read all year

I'm sure you're wondering how this whole thing works, so let me give you a quick rundown:

First, you need to click the big bold letters below to go to the giveaway page.


Second, you need to enter your email address.

Third, confirm you've actually entered the giveaway by clicking the confirmation link we send you via email.

Fourth, you'll get a lucky url that's specific just to you, and you need/want to share this link because for every person who signs up through your link you get your name thrown in the hat 3 more times.

And that's it.  Just enter your email address, share your lucky url, and then sit back and wait for the winner to be announced on January 5th.

Happy holidays, and best of luck!