Krista Plano

Athlete of the Month: Krista Plano

Name:  Krista Plano

Favorite superhero/sport/team/book:

Superhero: Musicians are sort of like superheroes, right? Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails frontman) is mine, he excels at everything he does and has overcome some serious obstacles.

Sport: Cooking? Half kidding. I like playing softball. I grew out of watching baseball years ago.

Book: I proudly admit that the Harry Potter series is my ultimate favorite, it made me want to be a wizard.

Favorite "go HAM" song:

It’s so hard to pick just one, The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson).

Favorite quote:

"I really try to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Complacency is my enemy.” Trent Reznor

Favorite lift:

hex bar deadlift

Max lifts you know and are willing to share:

Hex bar: 295

Squat: 200

Why do you train and what does training mean to you?

Training makes me feel like myself. If I didn't move and lift more often than not, I'd feel useless and weak. It adds structure and purpose to the weeks, motivates me physically and mentally, and makes me feel stronger everyday. Ever go from not being able to do a pull up to doing 3 or squatting more than your body weight for the first time? Those moments are the best highs.

What are you working on next?

After maxing out for the first time post MASS and hitting 295 on my deadlift, I'm ready to crush 300. My main overall goal is to get leaner and stronger and to surround myself with the people who will help me get there (wink, wink Gerard Friedman). No competitions scheduled...yet!

Favorite memory from training, competition or coaching?

That time I thought I was maxing out with 285 on the bar and there was actually 295!

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