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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 46 – Training Overhead Athletes and Building a Successful Fitness Business with Mickey Brueckner

Sep 28, 2020

Today’s guest is Mickey Brueckner, founder and CEO at the Annex Sports Performance Center. Born and raised in New Jersey, the father of three had always enjoyed sports and had a particular passion for training, which led to his founding the Annex Sports Performance Center in Chatham, NJ in 2006. In the span of thirteen years, the center has grown from a basement gym to an all-encompassing fourteen thousand square foot facility, and has also opened a second location. The Annex has been home to thousands of amateur and professional athletes, as well as general fitness clients.

Mickey attributes a lot of his early success and the momentum that followed to simply focusing on producing quality athletes, rather than spending heavily on marketing. He believes that, in professional sports, there is no better promotion for you as a trainer than having those you coach dominate in the field. Says Mickey: “We’re in an age where a lot of people are so focused on marketing and paying to get people in front of them. But I think not enough coaches work on delivering. When it comes to working with athletes, the proof is what’s on the field. If, over time, you continually put quality athletes out on the field, people start to talk.”

Listen in as Mickey shares the ins and outs of operating the Annex, training overhead athletes, training student-athletes, and the importance of consistency and sticking to the basics, both as a business owner and as a coach.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [11:49] Mickey’s keys to long-term success in opening a gym catered to athletes
  • [22:00] The truth about those “lucky” successful entrepreneurs
  • [27:33] Mickey’s approach to training overhead athletes
  • [39:38] Training student-athletes
  • [49:46] What sets top athletes apart from everybody else

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