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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 8: Lance Goyke

Dec 16, 2019

Lance Goyke, the modern-day renaissance man, joins the show today to talk about generalists, learning and his path to finding a smarter way to train.  As someone who shares Lance’s interest as an education junkie, it’s always nice hearing how he approaches the learning process and aggregation of information.  While not the sexiest of topics, learning how to learn is the key to being successful in any endeavor, and strength and conditioning is no exception.  The athletes and coaches who can learn the best tend to win.  Period.

After learning talk, we dive into the more nuts and bolts of training.  In particular, we talk about movement, something Lance knows quite a lot about, and how he’s currently structuring training for his clients.  This includes cycles that focus on strength, cycles that focus on hypertrophy, and cycles that focus on cardiovascular gains.  Don’t worry, we get into what each of those looks like.

On the tail end of the episode, we get into some Lance’s favorite resources and bond about how much of a man-crush we have on Seth Godin.

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Episode Highlights:

2:30 – Lance’s background as a coach and his foray into powerlifting

9:15 – Lance’s realization that he needed to find a smarter “training” answer

12:30 – Range and generalists

19:30 – Lance’s continuing education strategy

26:45 – Aggregating and internalizing information

35:00 – The #1 thing I am prioritizing is logistics 

40:00 – Strength vs. Hypertrophy vs. Cardiovascular training

45:00 – Escalating density training

50:00 – Injuries and working with people in pain

55:00 – Understanding the consequences of your training decisions

Links and stuff:

·      Lance Goyke:  https://lancegoyke.com/

·      The Movement Seminar:  https://themovementseminar.com/

·      James Cerbie:  @jamescerbie

·      TRAIN:  https://train.rebel-performance.com/

·      Silverback:  https://www.silverbacktrainingproject.com/

·      Rebel Performance:  https://www.rebel-performance.com/

·      The AltMBA:  https://altmba.com/

·      The Marketing Seminar:  https://themarketingseminar.com/

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