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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 3: Ryan L'Ecuyer

Nov 11, 2019

Ryan L’Ecuyer, professional meat titan, joins the show today to talk all things hypertrophy and how to get more bigger. Right off the bat, Ryan and I get into his background and early love for training and come to realize he owes everything to Billy Blanks’ nipple shirts and Taibo.  Also, it’s a crime that he didn’t see The Predator until age 26, but we can’t change the past.

Aside from nipple shirts and The Predator, Ryan and I spend our time diving into any and all things hypertrophy.  We talk mechanical tension, metabolic stress, competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, periodization schemes, and of course, the pump. The episode is chock-full of actionable takeaways and things you can begin implementing to design and run better hypertrophy protocols.  So, if you find yourself wearing skinny jeans or medium T-shirts to give the appearance of being jacked, then stick around because we’ll tell you how to actually build real muscle.

Episode Highlights:

14 min:  Competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding

23 min:  Finding pockets of opportunity for lifters

25 min:  The drivers of hypertrophy

26 min:  Metabolic stress

29 min:  Blood flow restriction

37 min:  Mechanical tension

50 min:  The mind-body connection

57 min:  Dealing with the diminishing returns of training

75 min:  The power of frequency

Links and stuff:

1.    Email:  lacurefit@gmail.com

2.    Instagram:  @lacurefit

3.    James Cerbie:  @jamescerbie

4.    TRAIN

5.    Zac Cupples The Human Matrix

6.    Pat Davidson Rethinking the Big Patterns

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