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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 12: Dean Guedo

Jan 13, 2020

Dean Guedo, Canadian Sensation, joins the show today to talk about football, powerlifting, and his transition from old school training practices that left him feeling like shit, to new school training that allows him to perform at a high level and feel good at the same time.

Dean’s initial love for training stems from his competitive football playing days, but after a slew of injuries, he transitioned to a career in powerlifting.  Following another slew of injuries in powerlifting, Dean went back to the drawing board and sought out ways to first fix himself, which gradually led to him helping others do the same.

We discuss how to merge old school Dumb & Strong lifting sessions with a more new-school emphasis on movement selection and quality.  Essentially, we talk about how to get stupid strong, jacked and powerful while still feeling good. 

Granted, we do admit there’s something to feeling like a badass when you train and so even if it’s not perfect, make sure to get your athletes that effect.  For example, if a bigger bench and swole arms make them more confident come game day, then have it.  You don’t want a bunch of marshmallows getting run over left and right.

We then hit on the moment that Dean realized how little he knew, and how this led him to an entirely new world of education. In particular, we discuss the light bulb that went off for both of us when we were first exposed to PRI and layout how to take models from the best in the industry and apply them to your practice while disregarding the rest.

Lastly, we discuss the importance of cueing and understanding what you are trying to get out of an exercise.  In other words, if you know how to coach and cue exercises well, then you can make training the intervention.

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Episode Highlights:

4:00 – Dean’s Background

9:30 – The never-ending pursuit of training

11:15 – The transition from ignorant and dumb weight sessions to focused movement quality training and how to keep it fun

20:00 – The badass psychological factor in sports, and turning off the switch

30:30 – Specifics on Dean’s journey after powerlifting to fix himself

40:00 – Taking what you need from others in the industry and remaining yourself

47:45 – Dean’s programming for clients and interventions for injury prevention

1:10:35 – Dean’s Resources 

Links and stuff:

•          Dean Guedo: @guedo.power

•          James Cerbie:  @jamescerbie

•          TRAIN:  https://train.rebel-performance.com

•          Silverback:  https://www.silverbacktrainingproject.com

•          Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: https://amzn.to/2T8HGIo

•          Pat Davidson’s Rethinking the Big Patterns:  https://drpatdavidson.com/

•          Ben House:  https://broresearch.com/

•          Journey to Ixtlan:  https://amzn.to/2R0Zkeq

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