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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 1: Dr. Pat Davidson

Oct 28, 2019

Dr. Pat Davidson, exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, traveling lecturer, and avid Patriots fan, joins the show today to drop some biomechanics knowledge bombs. Right off the bat, Pat and I get into his background, upbringing, and path towards becoming a strength and conditioning coach. Who would have thought those late-night bodybuilding shows with scantily clad attractive women could create such a mental savage?

Once we transition away from Pat’s background, we dive headfirst into rethinking the big patterns and biomechanics land. Pat is actually fresh off attending Bill Hartman’s The Intensive, so we get a rare insight into inhaled skeletons, exhaled skeletons, internal rotation, external rotation, the propulsion arc, and squatting. Finally, we cap it off with a small preview into the concept of phase change. We know, it’s kinda like blue balls dropping that in at the end. Sorry, we aren’t sorry.


Episode Highlights:

  • 13 min:  When and how Pat found training

  • 24 min:  Embracing monotony in learning

  • 30 min:  Biomechanics models vs. physiology models and training

  • 36 min:  Rethinking The Big Patterns principals

  • 45 min:  Where we’ve been wrong about internal rotation

  • 68 min:  Phase change

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