4 Kettlebell Workouts to Challenge and Elevate Your Conditioning

“Hmmm….” “Okay, what can I do?”

“I don’t have much time because I have to get back for that meeting, and this stupid gym doesn’t have a lot of equipment”

“But….I still want to get in a good workout….”

And then he saw it.

Sitting in a lone, dark corner almost screaming, “Pick me.  Pick me.  I can save the day.”

A flash of hope shot through our unnamed fictional character because he now knew his workout had been salvaged.

With nothing but a kettlebell he’d be able to get in a kick ass workout, do it in hardly any time at all, and get back to living his life.

Yes, you heard right.  This one simple piece of equipment has the ability to take your conditioning and overall fitness to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more, and get 4 awesome workouts you can start using today, then head over to Tony Gentilcore’s website and checkout this guest post I wrote for him:

Nailed It:  Ass Kicking With Nothing But A Kettlebell