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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 13: Tony Gentilcore

Jan 16, 2020

Tony Gentilcore, a connoisseur of picking up heavy things and putting them back down, joins the show today to talk about business, surpassing the 600 lb deadlift milestone, training his clients like athletes, and his upcoming Deadlift & Squat Workshop, Sunday January 26th at Titan Barbell in Boston, MA.

 Tony grew up admiring guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger which led him to begin lifting at a young age of 13. When his baseball career ended, Tony went on to a degree in Health Education and later became a corporate fitness trainer, where he supplemented his college education with an obsession on forums like T-Nation. From here, Tony co-founded Cressey Sports Performance with Eric Cressey, and spent 8 years there before recently moving on to his own shop in Brookline, MA called CORE. 

We kick things off discussing the biggest hurdles Tony faced when transitioning to his own business, and what he wished he would’ve known before making the switch. Tony addresses the...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 12: Dean Guedo

Jan 13, 2020

Dean Guedo, Canadian Sensation, joins the show today to talk about football, powerlifting, and his transition from old school training practices that left him feeling like shit, to new school training that allows him to perform at a high level and feel good at the same time.

Dean’s initial love for training stems from his competitive football playing days, but after a slew of injuries, he transitioned to a career in powerlifting.  Following another slew of injuries in powerlifting, Dean went back to the drawing board and sought out ways to first fix himself, which gradually led to him helping others do the same.

We discuss how to merge old school Dumb & Strong lifting sessions with a more new-school emphasis on movement selection and quality.  Essentially, we talk about how to get stupid strong, jacked and powerful while still feeling good. 

Granted, we do admit there’s something to feeling like a badass when you train and so even if it’s not...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 11: Joe Geletko

Jan 06, 2020

Joe Geletko, collegiate athletics extraordinaire, joins the show today to talk about strategies and models for developing collegiate athletes, acceleration and energy system development, culture, and relationship management in collegiate athletics. Joe is a Strength & Conditioning coach at UCLA, where he oversees women’s soccer, beach volleyball, and track & field. Joe played 4 years of soccer at Azusa Pacific University and found the S&C field through internships and an outstanding culture in the Azusa Pacific weight room. Joe obtained an internship at UCLA directly out of college, which led to his current role, where he’s been for 5 years.

We dive in discussing the pivotal role collegiate S&C coaches play during an exciting life transition phase for 17-22 year old kids. S&C coaches are put in a unique position to form meaningful relationships with their athletes and serve as a mentor of sorts as they grow up and mature over 4 years.  


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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 10: Vinny Brandstadter

Dec 30, 2019

Vinny Brandstadter, real-life meat gorilla, joins the show today to talk about principals of training, infrasternal angles, the importance of environment, balancing expectations, and narrowing your focus to get the results you want. He obtained a bachelor in Exercise Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, interned at Peak Performance, and currently works at Hype Gym Union Square in New York City.  Vinny is certified through the NSCA, USAW, FRCms, and Bioforce.

We kick things off talking about that awkward transition period of going from school to the real world of training and the biggest challenges this presents. In particular, we hit on the importance of environment and principals as opposed to being married to specific exercises. From there, we jam on what a training session looks like for Vinny's clients, and how he goes about tweaking individual exercises to match a client's specific needs. The significant point here is using training as the...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 9: Dr. Mike T Nelson

Dec 23, 2019

Dr. Mike T. Nelson, heavy metal concert connoisseur, joins the show today to talk about metabolic flexibility, physiologic flexibility, metcons, mitochondria, aerobic capacity and much more.  Dr. Mike T. Nelson has spent 18 years of his life learning how the human body works, specifically focusing on how to properly condition it to burn fat and become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. He has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a BA in Natural Science, and an MS in Biomechanics. He’s also an adjunct professor and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

As a self-proclaimed fellow nerd, it was great having Dr. Mike T. Nelson on the show to take a look under the hood on all thing’s performance physiology.  That is after we talked about how he was always picked last during recess.

We start off diving into metabolic flexibility and touch on the big principles regarding utilizing carbs vs. fat for energy.  From there we transition to a...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 8: Lance Goyke

Dec 16, 2019

Lance Goyke, the modern-day renaissance man, joins the show today to talk about generalists, learning and his path to finding a smarter way to train.  As someone who shares Lance’s interest as an education junkie, it’s always nice hearing how he approaches the learning process and aggregation of information.  While not the sexiest of topics, learning how to learn is the key to being successful in any endeavor, and strength and conditioning is no exception.  The athletes and coaches who can learn the best tend to win.  Period.

After learning talk, we dive into the more nuts and bolts of training.  In particular, we talk about movement, something Lance knows quite a lot about, and how he’s currently structuring training for his clients.  This includes cycles that focus on strength, cycles that focus on hypertrophy, and cycles that focus on cardiovascular gains.  Don’t worry, we get into what each of those looks like.

On the...

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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 7: Casey Metoyer

Dec 09, 2019

Casey Metoyer, assistant athletic performance coach at UCLA, joins the show today to talk about collegiate strength and conditioning, velocity-based training, and load monitoring. As someone who lives in the private world, it’s always great getting to jam with coaches like Casey, who bring such valuable insight with regards to career choices (collegiate vs. private) and science-backed training/coaching practices.

We go pretty deep on both velocity-based training and load monitoring and hear how Casey and the UCLA strength staff are implementing these tools to improve their practice, get their athletes better results, and keep them healthy. For example, we talk about using question mark sets vs. strict set prescriptions, how to modify VBT for different types of athletes, how to calculate load, and where they currently have cut-offs in place for acute to chronic load monitoring.

Overall, I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:


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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 6: Steve Tripp

Dec 02, 2019

Steve Tripp, owner of The Top Strength Project in Providence, Rhode Island, and all-around superhuman strength athlete joins the show today to talk all things strength training. Steve brings TONS of under the bar experience and coaching hours to the table, and we have a lot of fun jamming on training methodologies, accessory work, training your weaknesses, and the need to fall in love with the process. We also poke fun at people who break a sweat when peeling an orange. Hopefully, this isn’t you.

Besides actionable, nuts and bolts training advice, Steve and I also dive into mindset and how important it is to not let your ego get in your way. In particular, if you are a big fish in a small pond, then it’s time for a change. If you are the strongest person in the room, or the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

Top to bottom, this is a fantastic talk, and you will walk away as a better athlete, coach, and human after listening to it.


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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 5: Andrew Triana

Nov 25, 2019

Andrew Triana, a co-founder of The Performance Vibe and Allostatic Labs and world champion of vibing, joins the show today to talk about developing freaky humans. We kick things off getting into Andrew’s background and talk about how he found the sport of Strongman and why he fell in love with it. A strong theme throughout the episode is this notion of extremes bringing balance, and our conversation definitely speaks to that. One second we’ll be jamming on detailed cell physiology, and then the next we get into phenomenology and the importance of subjective experience.

Topics covered include Strongman, creatine, hypoxia, phenomenology, being authentically productive, hypertrophy, protein pathways, and all sorts of other goodies. If you’re an athlete or coach looking to up your game, then this episode is definitely for you.  There's no chance you don't walk away with at least one way to upgrade your tactics, models, and thought processes.



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Rebel Performance Radio Episode 4: Dr. Michelle Boland

Nov 18, 2019

Dr. Michelle Boland joins the show today to dive into coach’s education, models, rigid mindsets, movement, and, of course, programming. Right off the bat, Michelle and I get into her background, talk about our mutual grad school experiences, and get a look into why Michelle left collegiate strength and conditioning to join the private world.

From there, Michelle and I spend our time talking about education and how ridiculous it is that people keep trying to have “right vs. wrong” conversations. As opposed to thinking critically, learning as much as you can, and asking meaningful questions like “why do the athletes need to do these things?” I will mention that if you are squatting on a physioball, though, then you are wrong. OH SO WRONG. So please stop.

To wrap things up, we get into programming for gen pop clients vs. high-level collegiate athletes and share our two cents on our deepest desire for strength and conditioning as a field to please move...

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