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Athletes work with us to build the complete package.  Coaches work with us to turn outcomes into income.  Take our quiz to find out how we can do the same for you.

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"James and Rebel are putting out some of the best programs and info out there. Through their guidance and programming my overall strength, capacity and athleticism is the best it's been in years. As a busy father of three, strength coach and a business owner I believe in the value of having a coach as it takes out a lot of the tripping points of programming for yourself. Having the accountability of a coach was the difference maker for me and allowed me to build consistency back into my training. Putting my trust in James was the best thing I did and I highly recommend it for anyone else looking to level up their training."

Mickey Brueckner
Founder and CEO, Annex Sports Performance Center

"I really like Kyle's perspective on leadership and his approach to run a successful business.I asked him to do a presentation for my students on leadership and culture. The information he is sharing is extremely valuable for coaches trying to find the right employer or fitness entrepreneurs trying to build their business with a solid foundation."

Lucy Hendricks
Owner, Enhancing Life and Holistic Fitness

"Rebel Performance is the best coaching service I’ve ever used. Since joining Rebel 6 months ago I’ve experienced more results than I have in the past 3 years. Rebel has helped reignite the athlete in me, taken my strength to new heights whilst also giving me an engine when it’s “Go Time”. Rebel are setting a new industry standard when it comes to Coaching and Programming."

Adam Willis
Lean Body Performance Co-Founder and Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Hands down I wouldn't be able to be where I am today if it wasn't for Kyle's mentorship. Kyle is my most trusted expert on strength and conditioning. Not only is his dedication to education and to the development of others top notch, he also has a community of excellent students and experts to rely on who are really good people. He laid down the fundamental foundations for me on the science behind training, how to implement training, and leadership."

Beverly Simpson
Owner, BSimpson Fitness

"Rebel Performance is an elite training system to which I would recommend everyone be apart of. It is intelligently designed with progression and intention at its core. In addition, it challenges all aspects of fitness, strength and mental fortitude. With very few things being certain in this day and age, it is nearly a certainty that you will improve, in some aspect of training, while being a part of this system."

Casey Metoyer
Assistant Athletic Performance Coach, UCLA

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Trainer Development

We help you develop the systems, strategies, tactics and knowledge required to grow a more profitable business.

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Athlete Development

We get you strong, powerful, jacked, and well conditioned while still moving like a jungle cat.  The complete package.

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